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Be Your Own Boss


Don’t ever think that providing content alone will help your blog reach its maximum potential. Don’t go there because doing so is lazy. To be real with each other, we all use social media. You will learn how to promote your blog right into the mainstream of things. With a little dedication, use the social media to help platform your blogs. Now this may cut into your time of viewing animal videos, but hey, if you want your blog to reach its full potential you will make this sacrifice and want to find free ways to promote your blogs. Social media is never free, I mean we all pay for the internet. Otherwise, social media is a tool to invest in some paid offerings. Content is fire and the social media is the gasoline, and lame content is like oil soaked oak. Stellar content is the best fire to use. You want a content that flames up. The more stellar the content the more useful it will be. You want something that catches fire easily. I mean what do you do when you find great content? We share it with others.

635996465943928453-336222838_be-your-own-boss_0For instance, FACEBOOK, when you post a status, most of the time you will get many likes and a lot of comments. This is the same way your blogs work. Google+ is experiencing growth and its easy to add influence with an audience for your business. Pinterest is visual photos, and logos are very useful tools for blogs and make a great marketing opportunity. Pinterest is a heaven for visually oriented people, and readers also use it.

Practice all the effective skills you have and don’t self promote all the time. Pretty soon you will have people inviting you to join groups which provides you a way to pin blog links on group boards. Paid discovery will increase the size of reach here, but you still have to hook a great title. After that you can get ready for some blog traffic. Groups you build trust with will probably not mind you posting a link to their page. Participate in forums where other people have a need that your blog has an answer to on some questions. Leave comments on blogs that have a similar audience. Bring lots of traffic to your blog when you have a new product that’s news, or create a content that CNN might think that’s useful. If you hate your job then blogging may be the choice for you, then you won’t have to sit in a cubicle and spend your day tiring yourself out over the job that you dislike. The amount of time you use blogging will determine the amount of money you can make right here on the internet. Be your own boss. Why wait. Take control and start making money today and kiss that job you hate goodbye!