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Things to Consider When Blogging


2016-06-28-1467144390-9166476-bloggingBefore you decide what topic to blog about consider these three questions.

Will my information benefit my audience? Does my topic have something new to say? Does my blog have a clear understanding of my story.
How do I get people to start reading my articles? I pull them in with a strong headline. My goal is to get my readers to read my whole blog, sort of like a greased pig down a slippery slope. The blog post headline is the first impression of the post. A seductive headline works when online readers find them. So be seductive and take your time. There are different approaches when creating a headline. It only takes one technique to craft a beautiful title. Always make sure your headline makes up for what your articles say. You want to outrank your competition.

Use YouTube or Google; people want to stay ahead and beat out their competition. I like to write in the first person, because I feel its much more effective. There are certain words to use to grab someone’s attention, like sex, rock and roll and FREE, because getting something free trips an automatic response. There a few more words to use to crank up your audiences. This word is always alluring: Easy. If its easy we all want to know how easy it is. Discover, this word, who doesn’t like to discover things. Power words create the element of controversy. This is actually a good thing because it pulls in your readers. If you think about it, bloggers make a strong stance then effectively prove a point. Don’t be shy use these power words because they are the lightning rod words that prove your points with facts.

Always make sure your headline matches your article. Let’s say your headline gets your reader to move down a few sentences. A good thing right? Sales people use a technique known as getting a person into a yes state mind, When I was selling mobile homes, I could usually tell my tire kickers from my serious buyers. I would pump up the fine points of the home I was showing them and could always tell by the facial expressions of the interest in what I showed them. But in blogging I can’t really tell this from body language. But as long as my opener relates to the topic I know I have a winner.